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The island is located just north of Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. To visit the island, you need to take a cruise from Pier 33 of Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. After landing on the island, a special person will explain the rules of the island on the shore. On the island, you'll see many mutilated houses and stone walls, including an abandoned lookout that was an earlier lighthouse on the West Coast of the United States. 1. Looking for traces of movies Yakara Prison once held many famous felons, and many movies were adapted and shot based on real people in the prison. The "Magic Prison Azkaban" in the Harry Potter series also draws on Akara Prison as a design prototype, and the highly acclaimed movie "Break to the Dead Island" was also filmed here. 2. Visit Yakala Prison The Yakala Prison located in the center of the island is the main and famous building on the island. The entire prison is now abandoned and completely open to tourists. After entering the prison, you only need to follow the signs to climb up the ramp, you will pass through a brick and moss-covered tunnel to the former cell area. The prison has three floors, each floor has small and dark cells, the central corridor is the library, hairdresser, kitchen and dining room in order, and the shower room is located on the other floor. But most of the cells are currently closed off to visit, and only a few have been converted into exhibition rooms, shops and screening rooms. In the screening room, a 10-minute film will be played on a loop every day to help everyone understand the past and present of this island. 3. Encounter precious seabirds There are also a large number of precious wild animals such as pelicans, night herons, and western seagulls on the island. Therefore, the island is often referred to as "Pelican Island" and has now developed into a sanctuary for wild animals.
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